Zubby Micheal meets Davido for the first time

Zubby Micheal, Nollywood actor and entertainer, has taken to his Instagram page to express his joy after he got a chance to finally meet Millionaire son and musician, Davido.

In the video he shared, Zubby Micheal deemed Davido as the biggest force in the music industry and the chosen King.
The 35-year-old actor was laughing and kept saying the recent slang ‘Tule’ in his Igbo accent which made Davido and his crew laugh in the video he shared.

Zubby Micheal shared a picture with Davido and wrote as a caption;

“Chilling with the BIGGEST FORCE @davido chosen KING #ZM #A1 #SA #doings #nawedeyhere #blessup”
As they exchanged greetings, Zubby Micheal said Davido is the ‘chosen one’ and ‘the greatness’ as he was shown saying ‘Greatness, Greatness’ in the video.

The two stars were seen hugging and showing love to each other in the video shared by Zubby Micheal. Zubby showed his excitement as he got the opportunity to meet the sensational musician for the first time as he was heard saying “happiness wan kill me.”

It was revealed that the two men met at Davido’s mansion as located on the Island as Davido’s portrait was seen hanging on the wall behind them.

The actor who finally got to meet Davido shared photos and videos with Davido and his crewmate. The actor congratulated Davido for his awesome work in the music industry and encouraged him to keep it up. He appreciate Davido and said he has made a huge impact in the industry.
In the video Zubby shared, Zubby’s happiness was obvious as he mesimerised at the fact that he got to meet Davido.
It was revealed that Zubby had been waiting for the perfect time to meet the musician as he finally got to meet him in his mansion.

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