You are Doing Too Much after your Release, Move On – Kobi Rana advises Poloo

Ghanaian actor and movie producer Kobi Rana has advised Akuapem Poloo to move on and stop the ‘too much’ talking and being ‘all over the place’ after being released from prison

Kobi Rana took to social media to caution Akuapem Poloo  over her actions and admonished her to tone it down a bit after her lawyer secured her release.

According to the Hot Fork director, all Akuapem Poloo had to do was to thank all those who helped her secure freedom and leave it at that.

He also maintained that the press conference she called was not necessary and that it was going to attract attention to her dealings.

Rana revealed that some of them had taken so much shade and insults on her behalf when she was convicted so the least she could do was to lay low for a while.

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