Wizkid’s Son Receives Nudes from Older Women?

A very upset Shola, the first baby mama for Wizkid has made a video warning some women to stop sending their nude photos to her son before she reveals their identity.

It appears that Wizkid’s 9 year old son has been getting some kind of attention from some older ladies.

But this is apparently not a good kind of attention, neither is it the type of attention that anyone wants their children to receive, male or female.

Some set of older ladies have been sending their nude pictures to Wizkid’s young boy and his mother, Shola is upset.

Shola asserted that grown up women are sending their nude photos to her son’s DM and she warned them to stop the shameless act else she would have no other choice than to reveal their identity.

Shola, the boy’s mother and Wizkid’s first baby mama took to her son’s page to share a video, cautioning these women who she referred to as ‘shameless’ to stop sliding into her son’s DM to share nude photos.

Shola Ogudu, warned these ladies and told them to stop sending her 9 year old kid nude photos.

She also advised them to seek men their age and leave her son alone.

She said; “My son is only 9 years old and the kind of messages he gets in his Instagram page from grown women is MAD.

Are there no other men in the world that you women will be sending 9-year-old n*de photos?

STOP SENDING MY SON N*DES. This is the final warning and that is why I used his page to come and warn you or i will screenshot it and post it for everyone to see.

If you want to shoot your shots, do it at someone in your age bracket.

What does a 9-year-old need n*de for! This is a final warning.”

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