Marriage is Overrated – Nollywood Actress Uche Ogbodo

Nigerian actress, Uche Ogbodo, took to Instagram to talk about the new baby she is expecting even though she is a single woman.

In a video posted on her Instagram page, the actress talked about her first pregnancy at when she was 27 years old and her current one now that she’s 34. She revealed she doesn’t regret having a child at age 27 even though she had issues with her ex, or the current one she is pregnant with.

She said that despite all the troubles she went through in the hands of her ex when she was pregnant with her first daughter, she decided to keep the child because she didn’t support abortion.

According to her, her religion is against abortion, she then noted that it is silly for a woman above 30 to go for an abortion all because she is waiting to get married.

She urged women to have their children, instead of waiting till they are no longer fertile because they want to get married first. The actress said that marriage doesn’t favour everyone, using a friend who no longer looks beautiful since she got married as an example.

Taking to her Instagram page, the actress said;

“She’s married oh, and she’s looking haggard and old and ugly.

“So who marriage help? If with marriage and the almighty man that you’re marrying, you’re looking terrible, without marriage, who knows how you go look?

“Please, stop killing your children, especially when you’re of age. Have your kids. If marriage comes, marry oh, if marriage no come, raise your children now.”

She added “I’m 34. I already have a kid. This is going to be my second child. I have a boyfriend who loves me, I’m happy and I’m having my baby. ”

Watch the video below.

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