Wendy Shay Can Never Replace Ebony – Bullet

Boss of RuffTown Records, Bullet, has said that no one can replace his late artist Ebony. According to him, he believes that Ebony was one of the greatest artists of all time.

He further likened her to Michael Jackson, Tupac and some other timeless musicians.

He made this view known in an Instagram post. He said that he had been approached by countless upcoming artists who wish to be signed on to Ruff Time Records, but he noticed that they all want to sound like Ebony, and he says that he find that baffling.

He encouraged artists to rather be unique and sound like themselves instead of trying to sound like other people because uniqueness is key to making it in the music business.

He added that he has never tried to sign any artist with the aim of trying to replace Ebony, and he never would, intimating that none of the current artists on the label was signed to replace Ebony.

See his Instagram post below;

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