Watch: How to Make Tigernut Pudding

Hello lovely people, it is another food day, and today we will be looking at how to make Tigernut Pudding!

That must be getting you quite excited. There are many benefits of Tigernuts such as improved digestion, reduction of blood sugar levels, improves heart condition, may act as an aphrodisiac, boost immune system among many others.

Today we will be learning from a chef on YouTube, as as you know, my favourite chef, Perpetual Asiamah is on the bill.

She would be taking us through the simple processes of how to make Tigernut Pudding, and the ingredients needed for the meal are;

2 cups of tigernut

4 cups of water

2-3 tablespoons of rice flour/ rice powder

3 tablespoons of brown sugar (to taste)

Evaporated milk (optional)

The Preparation

The process starts by washing the tigernuts to make them clean, and then…

Obviously you would have to catch the rest of the steps in Perpetual’s video below ๐Ÿ™‚ ;

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