Watch as Don Jazzy Features on Mr. Macaroni’s Skit

Nigerian mega producer, Don Jazzy, has featured on popular comedian Mr. Macaroni‘s skit.

Mr. Macaroni currently has an ongoing skit series where his ‘skit daughter,’ Motunde, has been trying to get an appropriate suitor for her dad to approve, and in this particular episode, Don Jazzy was the prospective suitor.

It is quite impressive how far Mr. Macaroni has come in the entertainment space considering that just a few years ago, he was “internet begging” on Jazzy’s twitter and was even at a time a beneficiary of the music producer’s benevolence.

Today, the mighty Don Jazzy now features in Mr. Macaroni’s skit and he is even known to promote the comedian’s works from time to time.

Watch the exciting episode below;

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