Watch as Davido Blows $100,000 on Jewelry at IceBox in One Hour

Davido is known to be one of the richest musicians currently in Africa. This is asides of the fact that he comes from a family with generational wealth and is a son to a billionaire – the musician has been making money from his craft in his own rights and is one of the highest grossing African musicians to date.

In a video recently sighted by Africa At Random, Davido is seen flying straight to IceBox shop in Atlanta Georgia, USA from Nigeria in his private jet.

In the video, a rep from IceBox is seen joining the musician and his crew in the jet. Davido is heard saying that amidst giggles that “I am rich now, I am coming to spend $100,000 at IceBox in one hour.” The IceBox rep spoke to the camera saying “I have never known him not being rich hahaha, and now he is flying private.” Davido quickly corrected him saying, “Private? It’s my own jet.”

IceBox is apparently where some notable American rappers like Young Thug purchase their jewelry and studs.

In his video, Davido buys a couple of watches and chains and even has time to buy one of his daughter’s a dime piece.

Watch the video below;

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