WATCH: Anthony Joshua Destroys Kubrat Pulev in Titled Fight

British-Nigerian boxer, Anthony Joshua was on show in the early hours of this dawn as he came face-to-face with Bulgaria’s Kubrat Pulev.

Kubrat who used to hold the European Heavy Weight championship was coming into this fight as a challenger to Anthony Joshua, the current champion of the heavyweight division.

The match started off as a boring one, with both fighters more or less sizing each other up. But as the fight proceeded, it became much more interesting as Anthony Joshua started to show dominance and kept on landing precise punches on his opponent.

39-year old Pulev, even though he lost the fight, was not a walk-over for the 30-year old Joshua. Pulev comes from a family background of boxing champions as he dad was a Bulgarian champion himself., thus he is wholly ingrained with skills for the sport.

Both fighters had only encountered just one defeat each before coming into this fight – Pulev to Klitschko and Joshua to Andy Ruiz.

Towards the end of the fight, Kubrat Pulev was visibly tired as his jabs appeared to weaken whiles receiving incessant blows from Anthony Joshua.

The Bulgarian hit to the floor from a punch by Anthony Joshua in the third round, but he was brave enough to pull himself back up and continued the bout. By the ninth round, Pulev was receiving a trouncing – at a point in the round, Joshua landed three successive upper cuts, but credit to the Bulgarian, as he took all of that in his stride still standing.

Further into the 9th round, Joshua landed another three successive upper cuts, sending Pulev down to the canvass, but the Bulgarian recovered to continue the fight – he however was not able to continue much longer afterwards as a couple more jabs to the chin by Joshua sent him down once again to the canvass for a TKO victory to the British-Nigerian.

Watch full highlights of the fight below;

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