Visit the Obudu Mountain Resort in Nigeria

The Obudu mountain resort in Nigeria is one sure place to have fun, be you a hiking enthusiast or not. The place is really beautiful with breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains.

It brings you great and tranquil ambience and the amazing scenery is something that almost all visitors can attest to.


The Obudu Mountain Resort has capitalized on its altitude and it gives guests the best view points coupled with fresh, invigorating mountain air.

The resort has an impressive grotto, which is a natural swimming pool with sparkling pure water – this provides patrons with a clear view of the long winding waterfall and green mountain ranges that surround the natural reserve. The reserve is home to rare species of birds and other animals such as the gorilla and drill monkeys.


Many visitors to Obudu tout the resort as one of the best tourist attractions in Nigeria, and it is very conducive for corporate or couples retreat – or you might even be considering it for an entire family trip – which is ideal.

The good thing about the resort is that for the pleasure, serenity and great services they offer, it is pretty much affordable in comparison with some other resorts of similar offerings around the world, thus it is one to consider when seeking value for money.


The resort is believed to have one of Africa’s longest cable car distances and the view from up there is indescribable… that view would leave almost everyone in awe.

The spaces, rooms, eatery and other livable places are clean due to the care and attention of the staff. It is what you will call a haven away from the hustle and bustle of city life.


You can with have a room or an entire chalet to yourself, and in truth, the chalet might be a good choice considering that it is not too pricey.

Watch a mini documentary about the resort below;

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