VIDEO: Meet Abbla Unique, an Albino Model and Songstress

Abbla Unique is a Ghanaian Model and songstress with a condition of albinism; a congenital disorder characterized in humans by the complete or partial absence of pigment in the skin, hair and eyes.

It is not very common to see an Albino in Ghana trying to be in the limelight. There is a lot of stigma attached to the condition of albinism on the African continent generally, and only few people with the condition are able to live up to their full potentials due to societal misconception.

Abbla Unique is one of those few people who wouldn’t let her condition deter her from making a name for herself through her talents and rather considers her condition as a source of motivation and inspiration.

You might have probably seen her in the award winning video clip of RJZ titled “Bye Bye.”

We went to meet Abbla Unique to get to know more about who she is, her challenges as an albino in the everyday life and in the industry where she plies her career.

Abbla Unique is a recent graduate from the University of Ghana with a Bachalors degree in French and Spanish. She picked the name Unique because she believes that it defines the person she is. Her “melaninless” condition is something she has proudly embraced despite the odds and challenges it comes with, she is proud of who she is.

Abbla Unique says that she decided to make something beautiful out of that condition and not be an ordinary albino. She had always had love for fashion. arts and modelling as a child. She disclosed that the art industry is where she really can be herself, and bring magic to the world.

Aside being a lover of fashion, Unique has an amazing voice of her and a strong passion for music. That passion led her to participate in one of Ghana‘s most prestigious TV talent discovery show, the Vodafone icons.

Catch the full interview of her in the video below;

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