V-Bank Extends Endorsement Deal with Don Jazzy

It is a happy time for the CEO of Mavins Record and digital influencer Don Jazzy as Nigeria’s leading digital bank, V Bank, has proclaimed the desire to lengthen it’s brand endorsement deals with him.

This happened on an evening when the bank executives offered a V-branded hoodie to the prominent music producer as an indication of the one-year deal.

The ceremony occurred simultaneously with the influencer’s 38th birthday and was observed by chosen fans who are also customers of the bank, Don Jazzy’s father was there too.

In a statement by the Senior Product Manager of V bank, Ebere Ahaotu, “Tonight we celebrate the birth and heart of a great man. We have worked with Mavin Records since we launched in March and they have shown nothing short of professionalism in our dealings. When you build a product that truly solves problems, and then finds a genuinely lovable individual to complement it, the effect of that combination is amazing. In nine months, we have onboarded more than 250,000 individuals and corporates on our banking app. We are excited about the new year.”

Before that evening of jollying, Don Jazzy had carried out a context on his twitter account before selecting the fans that would be invited to his day, and one of the criteria was being a customer of V-bank.

Even though he offered them gifts for gracing his birthday, they also had gifts to present to the influencer.

“I’m humbled to have celebrated this evening with the great minds at V Bank. I don’t take for granted the feeling of belonging to something so phenomenal in the wake of digital banking in Nigeria. It means so much to me spending a new phase of my life with a partner that effortlessly shares my vision to financially empower digital natives,” Don Jazzy stated.

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