Untrained 18 Year Old Student from Ghana Manufactures Car with Wing Doors

A young man, Kelvin Odartey, who yesterday completed his Junior Secondary School education has unveiled a saloon which he himself manufactured to social media and the world at large. It is reported that he worked on creating the vehicle during his last year in school.

In a video sighted by Africa At Random, some of the student’s colleagues from Cosmos School gathered to cheer the young chap on, hailing him for his feat as he took a ride around campus.

Teachers, other students and passersby were equally impressed as they watched intently to see how this young talented man operated his car on campus.

This story has gone viral on Ghanaian social media with many lauding the genius of the young man who has never had any form of professional training in mechanics.

The student, Kelvin Odartey, is said to have built the car all by himself with no assistance or formal training in the field of automobile manufacturing.

See video of the young man testng his car below;

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