Tope Akinyode Sues Adamu Garba for Suing Twitter

It is known that Adamu Garba, a staunch supporter of Nigeria’s Muhammadu Buhari and CEO of IPI Group Limited is suing CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, on allegations that he gave active support to the #EndSARS movement (which is a movement against unlawful treatment of Police officers against citizens).

Garba is pursuing this suit in a court in Abuja, Nigeria and asking the courts to surcharge Twitter and its CEO. Jack Dorsey has already solicited the services of Femi Falana, one of the leading lawyers in Nigeria to defend it against the suit.

Tope Akinyode, a legal practitioner in Nigeria on the other hand has revealed that upon long reflection and deliberations, he has decided to sue Adamu Garba for his intended suit of Twitter and possible gagging of freedom of speech.

He made his intention known in a tweet which reads; “Having been consulted by friends & colleagues, I’ve filed court processes to challenge @adamugarba’s lawsuit against @jack & @Twitter. Jack’s support for Nigeria’s cause is commendable. We’ll protect our freedom of expression & resist the move to ban Twitter in Nigeria”

A palpably unhappy Adamu Garba decided to make his feelings about the Mr. Akinyode’s suit against him known as he posted;

“When a tweet from @TopeAkinyode came up, I worry at how much Nigerians take their country.

“To defend @Jack, who violated your sovereignty by calling for a donation to sustain a protest that lead to damages to our country, after the President acceded to Protesters request. Sad!

“I hope Mr. @jack pay you for this service, because, at-least, if he refused to invest in Nigerian Youth, except help propagate fake news, that lead to Trillions of Naira lost, then i will be glad if he pays a Nigerian Lawyer for his defense to failure in the Courts. He has to PAY

“I really do hope he pays you in dollars that he takes away from this country without corresponding investments, except to encourage mayhem and disorder.

He will have to pay $1Bn to Nigeria and settle all the victims that have been affected by his intransigent orchestration.”

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