Tompolo is Back? Niger Delta Militants Make 5 Demands

Militants in Nigeria‘s Niger Delta zone known predominantly led by Tompolo, have apparently come back from their long hiatus and have threatened to resume hostilities.

A couple of days ago, they tabled five new demands before the Federal Government, while waiting for expiration of an earlier ultimatum.

The nine renegade militant groups which is now working under the auspices of Reformed Niger-Delta Avengers, RNDA, made it known that it had written the International Oil Companies (IOCs) to evacuate their staff to as soon as possible from the country in order to avoid human casualties, as fighters would occupy oil and gas facilities after destroying them.

The currnet leader of RNDA, self-styled “Major General” Johnmark Ezonbi, aka Obama, who confirmed the development, last night, said militants were in support of the #EndSARS protests and would, surely, escalate action in the creeks if the federal government failed to meet the demands.

Details would be made available soon…

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