Togo Gets Its First Ever Female Prime Minister in Victoire Dogbe

Victoire Dogbe has been named as Prime Minister of West African Nation, Togo.

Togo held its most recent election this year (2020), on the 22nd of February, and as speculated and expected, the incumbent President whose family has been ruling the West African country for decades now, Faure Essoziman Gnassingbe won the election by a landslide, getting 70.78% of the total votes cast.

After winning the election however, it has taken Mr. Gnassingbe a pretty long time to form a government. The country went on for almost 8 months without an administrative head of state a and cabinet ministers.

The Togolese President finally came down to naming a government today, and for the first time in the country’s history, a woman has been selected as Prime Minister (PM) and Head of Government. Mr. Gnassingbe announced Madame Victoire Tomegah Dogbe as the new Togolese PM a couple of hours ago.

Who is Madame Victoire Tomegah Dogbe?

Victoire Dogbe

Madame Victoire Tomegah Dogbe has been a minister of state since 2008.

She has worked previously for a number of renowned institutions, including the UNDP in Benin before she was called to join the government of then Prime Minister, Gilbert Houngbo, as the Minister of Development.

After the elections of 2010, she was retained as a minister in the Gilbert Hungbo’s government, but this time with an expanded portfolio as minister of Development, Youth Craft and Youth Employment.

When Prime Minister Gilbert Houngbo resigned in July 2012, she retained her position in the new government of Prime Minister Ahoumey Zunu from 2012-2015

After the 2015 Elections Komi Selom Klassou replaced Ahoumey Zunu and Victoire Dogbe still retained her position as Minister of Development, Youth Craft and Youth Employment until the 2020 elections.

Her annuncement as new PM and head of Government has come as a surprise to many, and as expected, she has been receiving a lot of messages of felicitations from global leaders.

Many pro-women groups have said that this move by the government of Togo represents a special win for not just women in the country, but it also gives some impetus to the global movement of women empowerment.

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