The FBI Kidnapped Hushpuppi – Lawyer Gal Pissetzky

Gal Pissetzky, the lawyer for alleged Nigerian cyber fraudster, Hushpuppi, has argued that his client was kidnapped by the FBI from Dubai – he made this statement during an interview with Forbes.

Mr. Pissetzky’s statement is in contradiction with the FBI’s reason for having Raymond Abbass aka Hushuppi, taken from Dubai to the United States.

He alludes that the US has no extradition treaty with the United Arabs Emirates (UAE), and since his client wasn’t a citizen of the US, his extradition should have been to his home country Nigeria instead of America.

Raymond who is currently being held in the MCC in Chicago has hired the services of Lawyer Pissetzky of Pissetzky & Berliner, who is known for handling high-profile cases.

It had also been reported that the Nigerian had contradicted the novel corona virus diseases upon being held in the Chicago prison which is known for its high cases of COVID-19. He is however said to be asymptomatic at the moment.

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