Tacha of BBNaija Says She has Never thrown Shades at Mercy

During the last episode of the BBNaija Reunion show, Tacha of the Titans fame claims that she has never thrown shades at Mercy of the Mercenaries fame. The rivalry between both heavyweight housemates is a well-known issue so much so that the two were given their own segment alone with Ebuka on the show. Tacha sort to clarify that never has her social media handles thrown shades at Mercy or even liked comments that sought to disparage her fellow housemate. She went on to recount a time when she spoke with Mavin Records boss, Don Jazzy, and Jazzy told her to keep a cordial relationship with Mercy especially since they both represent the same hair brand. She added that after the conversation with Don Jazzy, she attempted to follow Mercy on Instagram only to realize that she had been blocked. Mercy on the other hand said that she blocked Tacha because she saw her casting insinuations on her and liking similar comments on Instagram – she claims to have proof of these which she will be showing Tacha afterwards.

Tacha and Mercy on Instagram Live – The Fall Out

During the one-on-one sit down, Tacha mentions that the brand that she and Mercy both represent wanted to have a live Instagram session with the both of them but Mercy somehow did not make it happen. Tacha said that, she had re-posted the hair brand’s post but Mercy came under the post to type “Hohoho! if ‘clout’ was a person.” She says she really felt hurt by that comment.

Tacha and Seyi Saga

At a point during the show, there was a recap of periods during the main ‘BBNiaja Pepper Dem‘ when Tacha and Seyi looked like they were going to be an item until things spiralled out of control. And interestingly, they were both at each other’s throats right there at the reunion, showing that this “ship” won’t be sailing anytime soon, if at all… It doesn’t seem as though the bad blood has not been drained as both seemed to not even still eye to eye.

On Esther Snatching Nelson…

At a point during the recent reunion episode, Diane and Esther were practically having a go at each other with Diane insinuating that Esther probably snatched Nelson from her after the male house mate had declared his love for her. Esther on the other hand claims that Nelson never stated at any point in time that he had intentions of getting into a romantic relationship with Diane. Mercy as usual was on Diane’s side and purported to imply that Esther double-crossed Diane and threw friendship to the winds when she started spending too much time with Nelson. The two allies (Diane and Mercy) also brought up the period when Esther ditched them once again after Nelson had been evicted to begin spending so much time with Frodd instead of being in their “gang of three.”

On Esther Using Frodd

Diane also accused Esther of using Frodd and taking advantage of the amorous feelings the later had for her and made a “good meal” of it. Diane adds that Frodd put in way much more effort than the response he got back from Esther. Venita also chipped in stating that she also thought that Esther was using Frodd until the day when Esther kissed Frodd during one of the house’s challenges – Esther was however quick to clarify that the kiss was from Frodd and not her. However, a playback of the show actually shows Esther going towards Frodd to plant a kiss on the gentleman…

Highlight of the show below;

BBNaija Reunion 2020

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