Tacha and Erica shouldn’t be considered as role models – Kemi Olunloyo

The character herself, Kemi Olunloyo, has yet again dragged Tacha and Erica who participated in the Big Brother Naija reality TV show on social media.

It seems the enmity between the trio has not ended yet as Keni Olunloyo took to social media to abuse Tacha, Erica, and their fans.

The journalist said that Tacha and Erica should not be considered as role models because they were disqualified in the BBNaija show for bad behaviors.

Erica was disqualified from the competition for violating the house rules. Biggie gathered the housemates at the lounge and played videos of when Erica was threatening to kill Laycon outside the BBNaija house and insulting him.

Erica was also caught pouring water on the “Head of House” bed in order to stop prince, who was her deputy in the show, from sharing the lounge with her.

Tacha got automatically disqualified from the Pepper Dem season of the BBNaija show after she violated some house rules of physical violence.

Kemi Olunloyo said Tacha and Erica’s fans are useless to the society and added that they need a psychotherapy.

She wrote;

“Tacha and Erica: Someone disqualified from a reality show for bad behavior is NOT a role model. Brand Ambassadorships are ways to pacify their loss and not a good career move. Has Erica apologized to Laycon or Tacha to Mercy? Rebrand that attitude FIRST!

“Tacha and Erica have achieved NOTHING. Their fans don’t know this. It’s all make believe. They raised sympathy money for Erica whereas the Laycon guy won his. Same with Tacha who’s fans built her company and didn’t need to be in that show. #BBNaija is only a way to suck fans cash

“The average Tacha and Erica come from a single mother home where their moms are their best friends. Watch their language at me. Very vulgar, classless and trashy. They are clueless and need a lot of help with self esteem.

“Conclusion: Tacha and Erica fans are not useful to society. They need complete psychotherapy and are completely in a rejection mode. They really want to belong as gangsta bitches. We are not in the 90’s era. Set your own career and life goals, not stick on your #BBNaija faves.”

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