Swedish Architects Build Self-sustaining Children’s Centre in Tanzania

Swedish studios Asante Architecture & Design and Lönnqvist & Vanamo Architects have combined efforts with a group of local workers to build a self-sufficient orphanage in Kingori, Tanzania.

The orphanage home has been designed for 25 children and is called the Econef Children’s Center. It is the work of the Swedish studios, along with Architects Without Borders Sweden and Engineers Without Borders Sweden for Econef.

Econef is a Swedish-Tanzanian NGO that aims to improve the lives of orphans in Tanzania.

Swedish Studios

The orphanage building is located in northern rural Tanzania and it is made up of a group of brick buildings. It comes with sleeping areas for the kids, classrooms and a kitchen, and they are all arranged around two courtyards.

The Econef Children’s Center was constructed with the use of local materials and the employment of readily available local skills and techniques – this helped to minimise the cost of construction and transportation. The motive for this is also to see to it that the cost of maintenance is reduced and recompense skills are also readily available.

T walls have been built with traditional local burnt bricks, while the roof is made of corrugated steel supported on a wooden frame. A gap for airflow between the roof and the room’s ceilings is covered with sisal poles to prevent birds entering and nesting.

Swedish Studio
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