Stonebwoy’s Putuu is a Great Song – Sonnie Badu

US-based Ghanaian gospel musician and pastor, Sonnie Badu, has thrown his weight behind Stonebwoy‘s new single, Putuu.

A number of critics including Riddim Boss have tagged the Putuu song has empty and useless, but Pastor Sonnie Badu says that the more they keep hating on Stonebwoy, the higher he rises.

In an Instagram live session, Sonnie said that what the dance hal artist did with the song was pure show business, because the ima of the song was to make it go viral and keep it on the lips of everyone, and that is exactly what is happening right now.

“Music has an entertaining factor to it. Music is a mystery. Okay? Music is creativity. I can create a riddim with meaningless words. I don’t need to tell you what that means. I am only telling you how I feel.”

Dr. badu stressed that there a many songs by Stonebwoy that are deep and make a lot of sense as such he does not see the need to bash him for releasing just one playful song. he says he does not understand why people want a human being to be serious all the time, and moreover, they do not even know what motivated or inspired the artist to make the song.

“The more you talk about it, the more he stays relevant. It is called Showbiz. So if Stonebowy is also strategically staying relevant, everyone will have a question on it and once you talk about it and watch it, you’ve added to his streams. Who makes the money? So the more criticise him, the more he makes the money. In fact, he wants you to criticize more and then bang he releases another song. So you see, he just got creative.”

Watch the Instagram Live interview session with minister Badu below;

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