#ShutItAllDown: Namibians Protests Against Rape Culture

If you are on ‘Africa Twitter’ right now, you might have probably seen this hashtag #ShutItAllDown trending.

The women of Namibia have taken to the streets to make their voices heard, and protest against femicide, rape, and all other forms of sexual and gender based violence (SGBV) inflicted on women in the southern African country.


Namibia is a country rich in valuable minerals, but as seems to be characteristics of natural resource rich nations, it is one plagued with poverty and the vices are countless. Day in Day out women are subjected to all kinds of SGBVs. Statistics shows that there are on average about 200 cases of domestic violence reported daily in Windhoeck (the country’s capital city). Rape, murder, and all other crimes you can think of happen to women on a regular basis.

The recent #ShutItAllDown protests is a result of the Police discovering the lifeless body of a woman who went missing since April. The young, the old, almost everyone are on the streets crying against the inhumane acts that have been going on in the country.

Protestors are calling on the President Hage Geingob to declare a state of emergency to support their call for a stop to acts of femicide. They are also pushing for corporate Namibia to get involved in the fight against such acts of despicable crimes against women – for the protestors, the lives of Namibian women is in peril.


The unfortunate aspect of these protests is the fact that the country’s Police confronted peaceful protestors, leading to some amount of violence on the streets of Windohoeck.

The Namibian Police is reported to have teargassed protestors and also shot rubber bullets to disperse the crowd – the also arrested dozens of people who were protesting for a cause to end femicide.


“I saw it with my own two eyes, they hit that one girl and slapped her as they threw her into the van,” a protestor disclosed

“This and many other atrocities keep happening while the people are protesting, one may wonder if this will yield any result as women are being brutalized by the police as they are fighting for justice for women. Hang on Namibia, we stand with all the women in Namibia today to say #ShutitAllDown,” a post on twitter reads.

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