Shatta Wale Cries Over Loss to Sister in Basketball Game

Ghanaian dancehall star, Shatta Wale, is one to be seeing having fun a usual.. that is when he isn’t on one of his ranting or beefing sprees lol…

In a new video, Shatta Wale is seen trying to display his skills in basketball playing to the world – this appears to have been a video taken in his house whiles hanging out with his squad.

In the video, Shatta is playing a basketball game with one of his sisters while member of his crew looked on.

Wale is partly-dressed in basketball apparel in the video and bouncing the ball around on his compound amid cheers.

After bouncing the ball around on the compound, Shatta Wale took his play into the house and was spotted playing some tricks on his sister.

His sister on the other hand decided to play her own trick on the musician. She threw the ball onto the chest of the dancehall artiste after which she caught it and ran away. Shatta Wale after being outwitted by his sister started ‘crying’, albeit jovially, and left the room.

The video of Shatta Wale got many people on social media reacting.

Mickeydarling9 saw the video as funny and described Wale as a whole package in entertainment: “Alla Wale. Yes you’re not just a musician but a whole package of entertainment.”

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