#SARSMUSTEND Protests Going On In Port Harcourt Despite Gov. Wike’s Ban

It appears that the youth and protestors in Port Harcourt are ready for a showdown with the government of Nyesom Wike, even after he had issued directive to curtail the protests.

Late last night, Governor Wike issued a communique via microblogging app, Twitter that anti-SARs protests were banned in his city. His announcement was met with defiance by youths of that city with many stating emphatically that were not going to back down, and this appears to be what is currently going on.

Thousands of young people have poured onto the streets of Port Harcourt to defy the governor’s directive, with many saying that the were ready to meet any form of brute force from security agencies in equal measure.

Videos show young people in Port Harcourt this morning marching with placards and banners and set to carry it on all day long.

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