Sarkodie Finally Shows Face of his Newly Born Baby Boy?

Earlier in January this year, Ghanaian blogger and acclaimed celebrity writer, Ameyaw Debrah broke the news that Sarkodie and his wife Tracy had birthed a bouncing baby boy, only for the rapper to come out to state that the story was false in a tweet.

His wife Tracy also followed up on Ameyaw Debrah’s story, quoting the blogger’s tweet and posting “slow news day I guess.”

The story was later deleted and an apology rendered by the blogger. The matter was then laid to rest after a lot of Twitter backlash from Sarknatives (the name of Sarkodie’s fan base).

Since the beginning of the year however, Sarkodie and his family had been back and forth between Europe and the United States until the COVID-19 situation had them stuck in the US for almost three months. Sarkodie was on hand incessantly pleading with the Ghanaian authorities to open the borders so he could get back home with his family (i.e. wife and beautiful daughter Titi). Even in the uncommon times, Sarkodie was somehow able to get into the United Kingdom (UK) with his family. In fact the UK was where he was with his family earlier in January when Ameyaw Debrah broke the news of his new born baby, before his travel to the States with his family.

The rapper was eventually able to get a flight into Ghana about a week ago where cameras captured his wife Tracy holding a baby boy. Then the rumours of a new baby started to flood social media once more, with a lot of speculations here and there. In all of these, Sarkodie and wife made no statements to affirm or disprove the news making the rounds.

Sark baby
Sarkodie arrives at KIA Airport with family and wife holding a new baby

Yesterday which was fathers’ day, his wife tweeted with her Twitter handle ‘TracySarkcess’ celebrating her husband for being a responsible father and accompanied it with pictures of the rapper and his two kids (Titi and new born baby boy MJ).

So now the question is; is Ameyaw Debrah now vindicated? Was the blogger speaking the truth all these while only to be unfairly castigated?

Also, is that actually Sarkodie’s baby or it is a photo stunt? The questions remain to be answered…

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