Regina Daniels Angrily Pushes Her Staff into Swimming Pool

Regina Daniels has been seen pushing one of her staff members angrily into a pool in a throw back video. In the video, she is seen arguing with her staff on something that wasn’t clear and before anyone could say a word, she had pushed the lady into a nearby pool.

The said video was recorded during Ms. Daniels’ baby shower.

It is widely known that Nollywood actress Regina Daniels has quite a hot temper, but it was bizarre to see her do a display right in the full glare of the cameras. This incident happened during the filming of the latest episode of her new reality show which she’s titled ‘Our Circle.’

Regina has however apologised. she blames her actions of the day on the pregnancy hormones by saying that she being a first time pregnant person, made it difficult for her to control her mood swings.

See the video below;

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