Prof. Benneh was Murdered for Trying to Resist a Robbery Attempt

Accra, Ghana – The main suspect in the ongoing murder case of Prof. Benneh who goes by the name of James Nana Wamba, has revealed that the late professor of law was murdered after he tried to resist a robbery attempt on his residence.

The report from the Ghana Police states that the suspect, who was also a cleaner at the late professor’s residence unscrupulously, acquired a duplicate key to the victim’s room.

The suspect whiles confessing further revealed that the victim was gagged and hit with an iron rod after he screamed for help.

COP. Ken Yeboah, the DG of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID), made this known at a press conference on Friday, October 2, 2020.

“Based on forensic evidence gathered from the crime scene, James Nana Wamba was subjected to further interrogation which made him break down and confess that he masterminded the murder of professor Yaw Benneh.”

“He (James Nana Wamba) mentioned names of suspects but has just changed and now mentioned someone else, and we are going to the crime scene. In fact, he has admitted that he committed the crime with one other person,” he stated.

COP Ken Yeboah also told pressmen present that during the operation, an amount of 450 Ghana Cedis and two mobile phones, as well as a desktop Computer were retrieved from the suspect.

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