Pregnant Lady tattoos Mayorkun’s face on her baby bump

A young Nigerian lady is currently trending on social media after she joined the ongoing trend of fans drawing tattoos of their star on their body.

The lady, who is apparently pregnant, decided to show her utmost love for singer Mayorkun by inking the face of the self acclaimed “Mayor of Lagos” on her baby bump

To get the attention of the “Up To Something” crooner, the pregnant tattooed the face of the singer on her stomach.

The lady, whose identity was not revealed, took to instagram to share pictures of her baby bump with Mayorkun’s face drawn on it.

Although, some fans do it for love, many fans have joined this trend to get some sort of compensation from their favorite celebrity, mostly monetary.

However, reacting to the trending photos on his Instagram stories, Mayokun wrote; “Yooo! Crazzyyy. ”

The lady in question has suffered a severe backlash from Netizens who are of the opinion that she is only chasing clout and wants to get monetary rewards from the singer.

Some social media users accused the lady of trying to use the medium to collect money from the star.

Some social media users showed their concern for the child the lady is carrying, insinuating that the baby might grow up thinking Mayorkun is his/her father.

Some Netizens also stated that the child might be fatherless and the lady might be looking for money to deliver the baby.

Some reactions gathered from social media are written below.

Big dan wrote: “The level of stupidity is rapidly increasing in this country because of hunger 💔.”

King Dino wrote: “Hope say the baby no carry the same tattoo come out oh😂.”

Desmond Onuoha wrote: “She dey find money way she go use born I no sure say she get husband.”

Edoziemcv wrote: “That baby will come out thinking Mayorkun is his/ her daddy. Lol.”

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