Praise is Not My Spec, We Cannot be in a Relationship – Ka3na

Ka3na and Lilo have been doing a number of interviews since they came out of the BBNaija house. The first was their default individual interview with Ebuka the show’s host.

The two have appeared in their second interview only a few hours ago as they did a joint one on LagostalksFM, where they talked about their time in the house.

Lilo maintained that she should have been more involved with the game than she did, and that she should have spent less time with Eric, reiterating what she told Ebuka earlier. She added that Eric distracted her game plan and was possibly a contributing factor in her early exit.

She also said that she is “just friends” with Eric despite all of the “lovey dovey” moments they shared on the Reality TV screen and that she is still in a relationship with her boyfriend outside of the Big Brother Naija House – this one is a surprising one because…

Lilo added that she regrets not bonding with other house mates more and not being able to fully sell her brand, but she believes that she would be able to make up for lost time outside of the house.

Ka3na also talked about her time in the house stating that she had a lot of fun and was happy overall about the friendships she struck in there, despite the few run ins she had with some housemates.

The radio show host then quizzed her about her relationship with Praise, to which she responded that she admired the male house mate for being proud of what he does for a living and thought that he was a cool person, but she quickly added that he wasn’t her spec as she was more into older guys – this was another surprise…

She mentioned that even though her time in the house was short, she believed that she has been able to sell her brand well enough and looked forward to capitalizing on the BBNaija exposure to grow her business.

Watch the full interview below;

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