OMG!! Onion Juice Magic on Your Hair

Ooh no my hair is falling off !! is everyone’s nightmare — have you heard of Onion Juice?

No one tolerates or likes having unhealthy hair, a long health hair is every woman’s desire. Onion juice does that magic to your hair naturally,which is so much cost effective.

Onion is used in our kitchens in the food making process but it comes in handy in sorting our hair issues.

Benefits of Onion Juice to our Hair

Onions generates the additional needed sulfur content to our hair which in turn nourishes the scalp this leads to ;

Stimulation of hair growth and increase in volume.

Prevents hair loss from the hair due to the collagen being produced.

Acts as anti-dandruff remedy which removes dandruff from the skin.

Treats that hairs that has the tendency of drying up or are very bristle.

Witnessing a treatment of prematurely graying or aging hair.

The collagen produced after using the onion juice also boosts blood circulation .Below is a direction of how you can make the onion juice. Here is how you can make the onion juice.

How To make The Onion Juice

Get an onion – preferably the red onion.

Cut the onion into smaller pieces.

Soak them overnight when covered or blend if you have a blender.

Drop some lemon juice in the mixture to avoid smelling like an onion after use.

Mix with olive or coconut oil to avoid for best results.

Apply and after 30 mins wash with your shampoo or better leave it overnight if your skin is not sensitive.

Best time to apply is morning or evening hours.

NB: Do not use this remedy if you are allergic to Onions as it can cause skin irritations or redness of the skin.

All said, if you are on medication that contains aspirin consult with your doctor first as it may interfere with your medication. Onion juice works out on your by being consistent with it.

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    Entry-level juicers work by spinning blades at high speeds while pushing your produce through a mesh sieve for strained juice in mere moments.


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