Omah Lay and Tems detained in Uganda for performing at a concert

In a distressing tweet on Twitter, Omah Lay revealed that he is in cuffs with Tems, in Uganda, this has gotten netizens, fans and other artists worried about their well being.

The Ugandan police claimed that Omah Lay, Tems and other detainees broke the covid-19 restrictions hence their arrest.

Omay Lay also revealed in another tweet that the Ugandan police is staving off the Nigeria’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs from ensuring his bail.

Nigerian singers Omah Lay and Tems will be facing prosecution in a court in Uganda after being detained for performing at an unauthorized musical show and defying COVID-19 protocols.

Their arrest was on Sunday, December, 13, 2020 after giving their performance at an event a night before at the Ddungu Resort inside Munyonyo, Kampala City.

Omah Lay took to Twitter to share his distressing difficulty and said he’s not being given a fair hearing.

“I’m in cuffs in Uganda right now with Tems,” he said in a tweet.

“I’m just a singer trying to entertain, why am I being set up in Uganda? I didn’t organize a show, I came on stage and saw teeming fans and sang to them.

“Why am I being detained? Why am I not been given a right to a fair hearing?”

The singer also let out via another tweet that the police has prevented the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from seeking their bail.

“Is there something bigger at play in Uganda? Why do I have to take the fall for it?” he also asked?

All the tweets he shared on Monday, December 14 had a different impression and note from his tweet the day before when he verified his arrest in Uganda and convinced fans that ‘everything would be fine’. Obviously, things weren’t going as planned.

“Yes I’m with the Ugandan police… something about the show from last night. Everything would be fine,” he said on Sunday.

The news of Omah Lay’s arrest in Uganda hit the Internet first on Sunday.

The Public Relations Officer of the Ugandan Police Force, SP Patrick Onyango verified that the singer was among three detainees at Katwe Police Station in relation to the concert.

The manager of the venue where the concert took place and the show promoter were also detained.

Police claimed that the show got authorized because the organizers said it was just a lunch and dinner event.

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