#OccupyLekkiTollGate: Mr Macaroni Arrested by Security Operatives

Debo Adebayo, Nigerian comedian am skit maker, professionally known as Mr Macaroni has been arrested alongside others Nigerian for participating in the ongoing #OccupyLekkiTollGate protest.

Recall that last year, thousands of Nigerians alongside many celebrities came out to fight for their rights against the Nigerian police force and the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), now disbanded. The demonstration comes after many Nigerians were killed unjustly by the Special Anti-Robbery Squad. The Special Anti-Robbery Squad were known for arresting thieves and people involved in cyber crimes otherwise known as Yahoo.

SARS was inaugurated to curb crimes in Nigeria. However, last year, many upsetting videos surfaced social media which showed the SARS operatives unjustly beating and killing Nigerian youths. Many parents came out and shared the experience of how their children were killed by SARS operatives.

There were also sightings of the police force beating up people and arresting people without proper validation. Some Nigerians also claimed that the police force were also involved in extrajudicial killings.

The demonstation of the protest first surfaced on social media after many Netizens started using the hashtags #EndSars, #EndPoliceBrutality and #EndExtrajudicialKillings.

After the hashtags trended, Nigerians started gathering for peaceful protests. The protest occurred all over the nation as many Nigerians came out to fight for their rights.

However, the protest took a wrong turn after there were sightings of violence between operatives of the law and protesters which cost many people their lives.

The ongoing #OccupyLekkiTollGate protest comes after the massacre of the Lekki Toll gate during the last #EndSars protest. During the #EndSars protest, many Nigerians gathered at the Lekki Toll gate for the protest, it was later reported that operatives wearing the army uniform appeared at the scene and started shooting at the protesters.

The phenomenon caused many Nigerian youths to lose their lives. Many disturbing videos surfaced social media showing victims of the lekki shooting.

On Instagram, lots of Instagram users streamed the scenario at the Lekki Toll gate live. These videos showed some officials in army uniforms shooting at the protesters.

After the Lekki shootings, the Lekki Toll gate was closed. However, the government have announced the reopening of the Lekki Toll gate, which angered the Nigerian who supported the #EndSars protest.

A new trend made waves on social media with the hashtag #OccupyLekkiTollGate. Nigerians started another protest to occupy the Lekki Toll gate saying that justice has not prevailed over the lekki shootings.

Nigerians who participated in the #EndSars protest don’t want the Lekki Toll gate to be reopened unless there is justice for the one’s that were killed in Lekki Toll gate.

However, Nigerian comedian, Mr Macaroni was recently arrested alongside other Nigerians after they went to the Lekki Toll gate to participate in the #OccupyLekkiTollGate protest.

Mr Macaroni took to his Instagram page on Saturday morning to stream the video of his arrest live. The live video session showed Macaroni and other protesters in a police van.
“I’m being arrested. I’m being arrested ooo Nigerians you can see,” he said in the video.
In another video clip, Macaroni was seen with other protesters but the video was stopped as security operatives collected his phone.

“So they are collecting our phones right now. We are not fighting them,” he said.

See the video below:

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