NSMQ: PRESEC Sweats into the Semis

What was expected to be more or less an easy contest for Presbyterian Boys’ Secondary School (PRESEC), Legon, was quite far from that as the Accra based school had to sweat it out from fellow competing schools from the Eastern Region (Koforidua Secondary Technical) and Central Region (Ghana National College).

It was a closely fought contest and arguably the highest scoring so far in the 2020 edition of the National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ).

Ghana National College actually led in the first round, with the scores being;

Ghana National – 29pts

PRESEC – 27pts

Koforidua Sec Tech – 17 pts

In the second round, PRESEC decided to up their game and thus took a slight lead, whiles Koforidua Sec Tech also closed their deficit considerably.

The second round scores were;

PRESEC – 31pts

Ghana National – 29pts

Koforidua Sec Tech – 25pts

The Sec Tech guys were actually really good with the speed round, they could have led if not for a number of errors they made, thereby leading to point deductions.

With the third round, which is the round for ‘the problem of the day,’ all the schools were abysmal with the scores being;


Koforidua Sec Tech – 01

Ghana National – 00

End of Round 3 scores came to;

PRESEC – 32pts

Ghana National – 29pts

Koforidua Sec Tech – 26pts

The fourth round which was the True or False round saw the boys from Accra increasing their lead slightly and Koforidua Sec Tech really closing in on Ghana National College.

End of Round 4 scores were;

PRESEC – 45pts

Ghana National – 42pts

Koforidua Sec Tech – 39pts

By the 5h and final round, it was all for the taking as this was the riddle round where the first school to answer takes all the scores.

The Boys from PRESEC were the ones who made the most of this as they answered two of the four questions, Koforidua Sec Tech answered one and one question went unanswered by all schools.

End of Round 5/ Final scores were;

PRESEC – 51pts

Koforidua Sec Tech – 42pts

Ghana National – 42pts

For anyone who didn’t witness the bout as it happened live, the final points would make it appear as though PRESEC had stretched the rest of the schools for the contest, but that is far from the actual picture that ensued – it was all down to the last round… it was a real battle… this battle is worthy of a finals contest.

With this, PRESEC moves into the Semi Finals of the NSMQ.

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