NSMQ: Prempeh College Roasts St. Thomas Aquinas

A one-eight quiz battle which was much hyped to be a close contest between Prempeh College and St. Thomas Aquinas, was rather a walk in the park for the top school from Ghana’s Ashanti Region.

From the get-go, Prempeh College from Kumasi in the Ashanti Region made an easy meal of supposed close rival, St. Thomas Aquinas (located in the Country’s capital Accra).

As expected was speculated by many, Asanteman SHS placed third at the end of the contest, but it takes nothing away from their performance as they posed a major threat to St. Thomas Aquinas in the first three rounds – subsequent rounds saw them trailing in the third position.

At the end of the first Round, Prempeh College led with 14 points, Asanteman followed with 8 points and then Aquinas had a paltry 8 points.

The second round continued in similar fashion with 22 points, 16 points and 6 points going to Prempeh, Asanteman and Aquinas respectively – at this point, it was practically over for the school from Accra.

With the third round which was ‘The Problem of the Day,’ all three schools were awarded 3 points each, seeing the maintenance of the status quo.

It was in round four (The True of False Round) that St. Thomas Aquinas tried to make amends, but it they sure knew that they would need the world to stop for them to come out top of the contest. The round ended with Aquinas taking the second position with 25 points, Asanteman were not too far behind with 23 points, and Prempeh College maintained their hold on pole position with 41 points (an emphatic stretch which showed their pedigree).

In the final round (round 5), Prempeh continued the trend of dominance and ended the contest with 49 points, Aquinas was second with 31 points and Asanteman SHS scored 23 points.

With this result, it means the Prempeh College will proceed into the quarter finals stage of the competition, whiles the other two schools will end their journey for this year’s NSMQ.

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