NSMQ: Prempeh College Face-off With St. Thomas Aquinas Today

In what is shaping out to be a titanic encounter, former tournament champions, Prempeh College and St. Thomas Aquinas are set to face each other later on today in the one-eight round of this year’s Ghana Inter High Schools National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ).

Usually during a quiz tournament of this nature, one would expect that the A-list schools would meet up much later as the tournament proceeds, but this clash has come early enough to spike the interest of all and sundry.

The clash is expected to take place 11:00 GMT and it would be between three schools. But not to write any school off, most people would focus their attention on the students from Prempeh College and St. Thomas Aquinas, whiles prejudice would have almost all assuming that Asanteman SHS is a sure bet for the last position of the contest – but then, surprises can happen.

Prempeh College is the second most successful school after Presbyterian Boys Secondary School (PRESEC), Legon, in the history of the NSMQ, having won the cup four times in 1994, 1996, 2015 and 2017.

St. Thomas Aquinas on the other hand have won the tournament only once – in year 2013, but they have grown so much in recent years that they have become a force to be reckoned with.

In truth, the balance of history tilts the match in favour of Prempeh college, but with the current situation of things, they wouldn’t want to make a mistake of writing Aquinas off.

The third competing school for today, Asanteman SHS does not have an equally lustrous history with the tournament as the other two schools, as such, it won’t be out of place if they do not feature much in the conversation.

As is expected of the tournament every year, the majority of people in Ghana would be on pause to witness the onslaught. Neutrals and unaffiliated opponents will have a good time with the showdown, whiles present and old students of the contesting schools would have their hearts in their mouths (including the old students who feign “unbotheredness”).

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