NSMQ: OWASS Gaslights Gey Hey and HOLICO to Enter Semi-FInals

Opoku Ware Boys’ Senior High School (OWASS) just finished gaslighting fellow top schools, Wesley Girls’ High School (Wey Gey Hey) and Holy Child Girls’ Senior High School (HOLICO) in a just concluded National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ) bout.

The beginning of the contest appeared to be hard fought – OWASS however took control of the contest in rounds 2 and 4, but they were once again subdued by Gey Hey in the 3rd round and by HOLICO in the 5th and final round – in fact, they were lucky not to have been toppled, and this could have been the case had the round been longer because, HOLICO was the only school that answered the riddle questions in this section.

The first round was a close call with the scores going thus;

Opoku Ware School: 21pts

Holy Child School: 15pts

Wesley Girls’ High School: 15pts

In the second round, OWASS showed some command by stretching their lead;

Opoku Ware School: 26pts

Holy Child School: 16pts

Wesley Girls’ High School: 15pts

But in the third round, which is the round for the problem of the day, Wey Gey Hey topped OWASS as the marks from the problem of the day were allotted as follows;

Wesley Girls’ High School: 09

Opoku Ware School: 07

Holy Child School: 06

Wesley Girls jumped to the second position by the end of the third round as total points accrued by the end of the round was as follows;

Opoku Ware School: 33pts

Wesley Girls’ High School: 24pts

Holy Child School: 22pts

OWASS was in full command of the fourth round as they made efforts to stretch their lead and Wesly Girls also trying hard to consolidate their hold on the second position.

Opoku Ware School: 49pts

Wesley Girls’ High School: 37pts

Holy Child School: 32pts

In the fifth and final round however, HOLICO went all out and tried to meander their way to the top, and if not for the fact that this round wasn’t as long as a previous ones, they could have actually caused an upset. They practically answered all the questions here to the detriment of the other competing schools.

At the end of the fifth round, which also marks the end of the match, OWASS won the contest and this sees them through to the Semi-Final stage of the competition;

Opoku Ware School: 49pts

Holy Child School: 40pts

Wesley Girls’ High School: 37pts

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