NSMQ; Motown Slaps Prempeh and KASS back to Kumerica!

Accra, Ghana Achimota Secondary School (also known as Motown), one of the most prestigious schools in Ghana has defeated the two Kumasi schools they face today in the National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ) contest.

Achimota in spectacular fashion beat Prempeh College and Kumasi Anglican Secondary School (KASS) to progress into the semi-finals.

In truth, it was a tough contest which saw a tight duel mainly between the four-time champions, Prempeh College and two-time champions, Motown slug it out.

The quiz match started off in a more balanced tone as all schools did well with their initial questions. But towards the end of this long round however, it was clear that KASS only came to escort the rest.

At the end of Round 1, Prempeh led with the scores being;

Prempeh College: 24pts

Achimota School: 19pts

Anglican SHS: 11pts

The second round was a two horse race, as KASS kept getting almost all their answers wrong which saw their points reducing by a whopping 9 points! Achimota school was the best performer here and this was clear as they closed the gap with Prempeh College.

At the end of Round 2, the scores were;

Prempeh College: 26pts

Achimota School: 23pts

Anglican SHS: 10pts

Round 3 was the ‘problem of the day’ question section which sees all schools go to the board to solve the same questions and get marks out of a total of 10. Motown scored the least point in this round, thus giving Prempeh a bit of breathing space

The result for the problem of the day was;

Anglican SHS: 04

Prempeh College: 04

Achimota School: 02

Total accrued points at the end of ROund 3 was;

Prempeh College: 30

Achimota School: 25

Anglican SHS, Kumasi: 14

Round four was were the fireworks began; Achimota School dug in deep and surmounted the other competing schools from the Ashanti Region.

At the end of Round 4, Motown had a resounding lead with the scores displyed below;

Achimota School: 41pts

Prempeh College: 34pts

Anglican SHS: 21pts

The 5th round was however interesting as Prempeh college came back strong to totally clear the lead Motown had on them. At the end of this round, they both shared the same points because Motown answered practically no question here. The total points accrued by the schools were;

Achimota School: 41pts

Prempeh College: 41pts

Anglican SHS: 21pts

At this point, KASS or Anglican School was effectively out of the competition and were literally packing their bags back home to “Kumerica” (Kumasi).

There had to be a tie-breaker between Achimota School and Prempeh College – both schools answered the first tie-breaker question wrongly, thus giving the quiz mistress, Dr. Kaufmann, an additional work of asking another tie-breaker question.

Second question was asked, and once again, the impatient lads from Prempeh rang their bell and answered wrongly. This gave the students rom Achimota the patience and peace of mind to listen to the remainder of the question properly – and as expected, they aced it, as such they were declared winners and have now progressed into the semis.

At the end of the duel, the final scores were;

Achimota School: 44pts

Prempeh College: 41pts

Anglican SHS: 21pts

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