NSMQ: Kumasi Academy Stuns Botwe!

The Ghana National Science and Math Quiz (NSMQ) competition for this year has just landed its first major upset in Botwe (Mfantsipim Boys’ High School).

Mfantsipim School, which is fondly referred to as ‘Botwe’ has been shown the exit from this year’s competition – and this was highly unexpected.

Botwe which is one of the most prominent schools in Ghana (located in the country’s Central Region), was expected to be toppers of today’s contest, because obviously, the schools they were up against were not A-list and are assumed to not be of commensurate prowess, but alas…

The contest involved 3 schools (as usual); the schools were Botwe, Kumasi Academy and St. Mary’s Girls SHS.

Right from the start of the quiz match, Kumasi Academy did not mince intentions as they bullied Botwe all through the first round, and at the end of that round, they led with 20 points, Botwe were a distant second with 11 points and St. Mary’s were a close third with 9 points.

The trend continued into the 2nd round as Kumasi Academy kept hold of the lead with 25 points, Botwe made an effort to close the gap by accruing a total of 19 points, and St. Mary’s were still at the third position with 11 points.

The third round was ‘the problem of the day’ as usual – and surprisingly, Botwe scored the least point in this round, they had just 2! Kumasi Academy and St. Mary’s scored 6 points a-piece.

And by the end of the fourth round, it was practically a forgone conclusion as Kumasi Academy led with 44 points, Botwe had 35 and St. Mary’s 30 points.

Current and old students of Mfantsipim school were hoping that their school would be able to pull a drastic come-back in the final round (round 5) – but that was not to be as the school from “Kumerica” went in for the final kill.

At the end of the contest, Kumasi Academy scored 53 points! Botwe maintained the 35 points from round 4, same with St. Mary’s as they also finished with their 30 points (from round 4).

This means that Kumasi Academy will proceed into the quarter finals stage whiles Botwe and St. Mary’s have been knocked out.

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