NSMQ: Ketasco Drags Pojoss Through the Mud!

In fact, what seemed to have been an expected show down between Ketasco (Keta Secondary School) and Pojoss (Pope Johns Boys’ Secondary School), did not live up to the billing because it was a total annihilation of the latter.

A National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ) contest which was between three schools, namely; Pope Johns, Ketasco and Navrongo Senior High School was one that pundits had tipped Pope Johns (two time winners of the competition) to have a slight edge over Ketasco, because even though they are yet to ever win an NMSQ trophy, Ketasco is a formidable school and a force to reckon with.

In fact, no one thought that Navrongo would have had anything over Pojoss, if not for anything at all; and not by the magnitude of margin between them at the end of the contest – but surprise, surprise… Pojoss were in fact bottom of the three schools!

From start to finish, it was a no-contest. The boys from Pojoss stood no chance, thus there would be no need to break down each round’s events. It was clear as day and night all through as Pojoss received total walloping!

The scores for each round are as follows;

Round 1

Keta SHTS: 22pts

Navrongo SHS: 16pts

Pope John Seminary: 11pts

Round 2

Keta SHTS: 26pts

Navrongo SHS: 16pts

Pope John Seminary: 6pts

Round 3

Keta SHTS: 26pts

Navrongo SHS: 16pts

Pope John Seminary: 6pts

Round 4

Keta SHTS: 33

Navrongo SHS: 29

Pope John Seminary: 13

Round 5

Keta SHTS: 36pts

Navrongo SHS: 29pts

Pope John Seminary: 13pts

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