Nigerian Youth Declare Week-Long Shut Down/Holiday To End Police Brutality and Corruption

Following days of nationwide protest led by the youths in Nigeria in what was basically aimed at the unruly department of the country’s Police Force called SARS, the young people of the West African nation have decided to take their demands further.

What started as peaceful protests on Thursday was met with high-handedness by the Nigerian Police Force with shootings, killings and beatings of peaceful protestors, but the youths of the country remained unperturbed and resolute in their demands. Even as celebrities and notable public figures joined the youth on the streets. Nigerians in diaspora have also joined the clamour and organized their own anti-SARS protests at the various Nigerian consulates (in Germany, USA, UK, Canada among others).

Yesterday, the Inspector-General of Police (IGP) came out to declare that the unscrupulous SARS department had been disbanded and its personnel redeployed to other departments – but the youth aren’t having it since this isn’t the first time such a directive had been issued. It can be recalled that since 2015 to date, the IGP has banned SARS at least once every year, yet nothing changes. The young people of Nigeria are demanding that the President they elected into office addresses them and also issue an executive order to end SARS for good.

In furtherance of their concerns, young people all over Nigeria have declared this week a shut-down week/holiday. They have taken to major roads and airports to close them down until they have been heard.

In effect, the youth are asking that governance of their nation be done right so that they can have a nation they can believe in as young people.

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