Nigerian Senator, Dino Melaye Buys $1 Million Lamborghini

Senator Dino Melaye yesterday unveiled a Lamborghini Aventandor Roadstar convertible 2020, 50th Anniversary model which he acquired for himself.

This is the 4th of only 100 of such vehicles worldwide ever made and it is costed at $1 Million = N460,000,000 without import duties and other related taxes.

The Senator is known to be one to opulently display wealth and live “lavida loca” as he has always displayed his expensive items, from cars, watches, houses, shoes, expensive vacations among others.

He has been known to be a big party goer and hanging out with celebrities because of his love for the good things in life.

Many of his detractors keep deriding his lifestyle as they do not deem it prudent for a public servant to be that extravagant whiles millions of Nigerians are living under the poverty line — but Dino Melaye remains undeterred.

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