Nigerian Nightmare, Kamaru Usman Travelling to Join #EndSARS Protests?

Nigerian UFC world heavy weight champion, Kamaru Usman in a Twitter post just a few minutes ago has informed the protesting Nigerian Youth who are crying to be treated with dignity that he is on his way back home to join them on them streets.

The youths of Nigeria have embarked on an unrelenting nationwide wide protests for the past 3-days where they have been asking for the end of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) department of the Nigerian Police Force due to the high-handed treatment they have been receiving from that unit.

Ironically, a unit that has been set-up to address the menacing issue of armed robbery faced by people in urban Nigeria has absolutely neglected its mandate but instead has resorted to harassing, abusing, extorting and killing young Nigerians, all in the name of weeding society of criminals.

They engage in rampant search of young people’s phones and laptops for no reason, and on most occasions confiscate those gadgets and monies without ever returning them – those who resist risk being shot and killed.

Ridiculously enough, these SARS operatives sometimes ransack people’s homes in the name of search and rather rob them of their belongings.

This has gone on for years and now the youth of Nigeria appear to have had enough. It is therefore no surprise that a good number of celebrities like Davido, Wizkid, Mr. Macaroni, Prince of BBNaija, Laycon, Tacha, Kamaru Usman and many others have decided to lend their voices to the struggle of their compatriots and also join them on the streets for the protests which is going on unabated.

In a tweet from an “unconfirmed” account to show his support and intention to join the street march, Kamaru Usman stated that: “I’ve conquered the world… It’s time to fight for my people. Naija in a bit”

The Nigerian authorities are still yet to solidly address the concerns being raised by the young people in the country and if this continues, it is likely to lead into something massive by the close of next week.

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