New comedians, Black Camaru and Emini Oba reflects on their struggles before fame

Currently trending Nigerian skit makers, Black Camaru and Emini Oba has opened up on the struggles they both faced before their unexpected rise to stardom.

Recently, Black Camaru and Emini Oba became internet sensations after their famous preacher comedy skits went viral. In the videos, Emini Oba played a preacher who preached in Yoruba, while Black Camaru played a translator who translated the Yoruba words to English. One of their most trending videos is the “there is money on ground” video. Netizens have created memes with the pictures of the duo from this particular comedy skit to express lack of money or being broke.

In an exclusive interview with The PUNCH, Black Camaru and Emini Oba shared their struggles before their recent stride into stardom and why they decided to become skit makers.

Black Camaru opened up about his family background and what life was like while growing up. The comedian revealed that he comes from a polygamous family and his mother happens to be the third wife of his dad. He revealed that he didn’t have a peaceful home, due to his polygamous family.

Black Camaru broke down in tears as he revealed what he went through before his unexpected fame. He assured his fans that he won’t disappoint them and he has a lot to offer. He also expressed his excitement and thanked Wizkid for uploading a picture of him from their “there is no money on ground” skit on his instastory.

”My name is Kamarudeen Yusuf. I came from a polygamous family and my home was not peaceful. My Dad married four wives and my mother was the third”, the comedian said.

Emini Oba on the other hand narrated how they had to switch from music to comedy after they was rejected multiple times and didn’t make any progress in music.

Watch the interview of Black Camaru and Emini Oba in the video below.

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