Ned Nwoko Hints On Marrying A 7th Wife

Ned Nwoko, a Nigerian lawyer and politician, has pointed out that he could marry another wife. He claimed that he can decide to take a 7th wife, if he wants.

The billionaire cum polygamist, in a recent interview with BBC Igbo spoke about the criteria he used in marrying all his wives. He also pointed out that he was from a polygamous family.

In his opinion, love grows after marriage and in his culture, men did not date women for long before they married them. Talking about his marriage to Regina Daniels, he said:

“I met her and I liked her. We got married within three weeks. I married all my wives within the same period. I don’t believe in dating anybody to marry them. Don’t date anybody you want to marry. When you marry them, you begin to fall in love within the marriage. Even in my culture, as it were as a kid in the 60s, people were not dating. They arranged marriages from family to family; they choose a wife.”

Ned Nwoko

He went on to say :

“Most girls were expected to be virgins when they get married and they build a family from there. Because they did not know each other before they got married, there was a lot of excitement and a lot of learning to do. But Regina and I is a story that is interesting because before I met her, I did not know about her. I do not watch movies; I never watch movies. I met her the first time when she came to my house with her mother and her siblings because my place in Delta is a tourist place. They came to look around and I liked her and that was it.”

“So whether I marry another wife or not; she knows it can happen. I come from a very polygamous environment. I love children so I want more children. She knows this and my other wives know it so we will see what happens in the future.”, Ned Nwoko stated confidently.
There however, has not been any reaction from Regina, as at the time of gathering this news.
We promise to keep you informed as the story unfolds.

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