Nancy Isime Celebrates Birthday at a Children Emergency Center

Nancy Isime, prominent Nigerian media personality decided to celebrate her 29th birthday differently this year, and why not?

Birthdays are happy days and many people celebrate it with friends, families or their loved ones. Some decide to see it as a good day for charity and humanitarian activities.

However, whichever way one chooses to celebrate their birthday is up to them. Nancy Isime chose to celebrate her birthday with children at a children emergency center.

TV personality and Nollywood actress was at Olikoye Ransome-Kuti children emergency center putting smiles on the faces of these kids.

Actress Nancy Isime’s 29th birthday was on Thursday 17th December and just as she has been doing since she clocked 21, she spent her birthday with wonderful and lovely children and a few close friends.

She was at the pediatric ward of LUTH with “mascots children absolutely Love! Bringing them goody bags, celebrating them, paying outstanding/Surgery bills.”

Sharing photos and videos from the inspiring event, she wrote,

“A snippet of the most amazing day I’ve had this year.
I’ve visited the pediatric ward of LUTH twice in the past, so coming back this year for the 3rd time I knew I had to bring something different to the kids.
Mascots! I know kids Loveee their cartoon characters and being here on admission, they might not get the chance to watch their favorite cartoons.
So I thought, why not brighten their day with their faves.

Every year, people ask me, won’t you do party for your friends? My reply is always “ I don’t have strength for adults, they’re so difficult to please😂😂😂”.
I mean, judging from these moments I’m sure you’ll agree.
Oh! The big smiles on their faces. I’ll do anything to bring that. Just distracting them from their pain for a moment means the whole world to me.

Children are indeed God’s gift. Their purity, innocence and heart are some of my biggest inspiration in Life. I Love them!
By the way, thank you soooo much Fam for the incredible show of Love today, if I haven’t gotten to your post. Please give me some time, I promise to go through it all. Please make sure you tag not just mention me so I don’t miss your warm wishes. I LOVE YOU! #BirthdayGirl🥳”

See the gorgeous photos she shared to mark her birthday😍

Photo Credit: @Nancyisimeofficial

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