Naira Marley to Lead Nigerian Youths in Protest?

In what appears to be a series of tweets showing that the musician Naira Marley has had enough of the tough Nigerian system; it appears as though we might be gearing up for a “Marlians” protest.

In light of the many frustrations faced by the Nigerian youth of today, the musician has been tweeting since last night and this has been going on for almost 24-hours now.

In one of his tweets, he berated Nigerian youths for preferring to protest on Twitter instead of getting on the ground and make their voices heard and their frustrations known.

The tweet reads: “In this country, we love protesting on twitter. That’s d problem.”

Naira Marley in another tweet indicated is preparedness to hit the streets if someone wold organize the protest because he is of the view that if he did the leading of the protests, he might be sent to the country’s maximum punishment prison (kirikiri) this time around – due to his widely publicized confrontations in times past with law enforcers in the country.

He tweeted that: “If y’all want me to lead D protest, I will lead but just know that they will send me to kirikri prison this time.

So the question is, have the Nigerian youth had enough of the dysfunctional system? Will the leader of the Marlians lead his troops onto the streets?

We wait to see…

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