My Husband is the Boss at Home – CEO of Hollard Group

The Chief Executive Officer of the Hollard Group in Ghana, Mrs. Patience Akyianu, has said that desptie the many high positions she holds in society, she still sees submission to her husband as an important and needed part of her Christian way of living.

She made this comment whiles speaking with YFM’s Rev. Erskine on the Y Leaderboard Series.

“We are a Christian family and we try and implement Christian principles in our home. Over time, it hasn’t always been like this. We have matured in our faith.

“I try to adapt to the requirements of my various environment. Home is not work and in the home, it is very clear that my husband is the boss.”

It is easy for me because just as many women wear different hats and switch a lot, it is easy for us,” she said.

Mrs. Akyianu noted that it is necessary to have an understanding of what is required of her as a wife. She believes that this rids her off any form of confusion on how to act where and when.

She says that it remains a surprise to her when people ask her whether or not she has issues and conflicts adjusting in her role as a corporate leader and a wife.

In her opinion, the family is important no matter your position in this world.

Addressing the issue of women in leadership and their role in the family she stated that, “I don’t know any woman who has gone to the highest level and doesn’t want a husband; there are actually a few. But most women pretend until it is too late. If we all agree that we want to be married, why then do you want to do the wrong things to send away your man or disorganize your family. It is just about knowing how to adapt.”

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