Mr. Eazi was Rude to Me When We First Met – Temi Otedola

Actress and fashion entrepreneur, Temi Otedola, has revealed that her boyfriend, in the person of Afropop musician, Mr. Eazi, was rude to her the first time they met.

The 24-year-old this known during the debut of a joint podcast session with her boyfriend which they call ‘How Far.’

Recounting the events of the first day they met, Temi said she was being really welcoming of the musician, only for him to be snobbish.

“I did not know he was going to be there that night, me being someone who likes to be friendly to strangers I was like hey do you live in London?” she said.

“Can I get you a drink? what have you been up to? I was just on my usual cute lets be nice lets meet people vibes and I was like this guy is an asshole like why is he being so rude?”

But Mr. Eazi apparently replied her saying, “I was trying to let you know that hey I’m not interested, I’m just here to watch this person and not interested in moving to you. Becuse you know the assumption around male artistes that they like moving to females, and me I did not want to fall into that stereotype.”

Mr. Eazi however said that he was the one who asked for her number that night they met, and he was also the one who texted her first only for her to always take a time to respond to his texts.

“I started texting Temi and she was replying to be honest but she was taking her time to reply. So I text her like 10am she will reply me at 12noon or even 2pm sometimes,” he said.

Temi and Mr Eazi have been in a romantic relationship since 2017.

Listen to the full podcast episode below;

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