Manchester City Destroys Liverpool

Manchester City came face-to-face with league winners Liverpool last night in an English Premiership duel, and it was a night of total annihilation for the Merseyside team. It was a night that saw Liverpool football club being totally walloped by four goals with no response.

Last week, the Merseyside team had won the Premiership title without kicking a ball. This was when Chelsea beat Manchester City, giving Liverpool an indisputable claim to the season’s cup. It was however an unexpected turn of event last night when the City side came breathing down fire and brimstone on Liverpool.

First Half

The first half started with Liverpool threatening as Mohammed Salah took down a ball passed to him from the centre of midfield only to be denied by the Manchester City goalie, Ederson. Mo Salah was once once again unlucky as he hit the right hand side of the goal post a few minutes later. These actions were however the brightest chances that Liverpool got during that half as they were dominated from there on.

Raheem Sterling was brought down in the Liverpool penalty box by Joe Gomez, which led to Kevin De Bryune converting the spot kick by sending the Liverpool goalie Allison the wrong way, giving the home side the lead.

The second goel for man City came shortly afterwards when Phil Foden laced Raheem Sterling with the perfect pass which he converted, seeing to it that City goes two goals clear.

Phil Foden also got a goal for himself just on the 45th minute mark of the first half after playing a one-two pass with Kevin De Bryune. This saw to it that the home side went into half-time break with a solid three goal lead.

Second Half

The second half began with Manchester City dominating once again.

Manchester City did a counter attack run into Liverpool’s half totally exposing Liverpool’s defence. De Bryune laid a sweet pass to Sterling, who cleared the first defender on sight and then placed the ball into the back of the net with a last minute deflection from Oxlade Chamberlain, making it 4 – 0.

The match ended with Liverpool going home with only a consolation that they had already won the league; because last night just wasn’t their night.

Sheffield United versus Tottenham Hotspur Versus

Earlier in the evening, Jose Mourinho’s side, Tottenham United, had been given a disgraceful scoreline of 3 goals to 1. The London side were a total shadow of what they used to be a couple of months ago. They had absolutely no rhythm at all as a playing unit in yesterday’s game.

Sheffield started earlier on with a one goal lead and moment later, Tottenham thought they had equalized when Harry Keane place the ball into the net only for the goal to be ruled out as VAR indicated that Lucas Moura had committed a handball foul only a few seconds earlier.

Tottenham lost their shine subsequently as Sheffield added two more goals seeing to it that their win was sealed by the end of the game. Tottenham was however only able to pull one back via Harry Keane on the 90th minute mark.

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