Like Businessmen, Pastors Should Own Private Jets Too – Bishop Agyin-Asare

Bishop Charles Agyin-Asare, the founder of Word Miracle Church International, now Perez Chapel International, is of the view that there is nothing wrong with pastors owning private jets.

According to the man of God in an interview, pastors need private jets to do the work of God.

Justifying his stance, he asked “so the businessman it’s ok to have a plane but the pastor it is wrong to have a plane, why?”

According to Bishop Agyin-Asare, he doesn’t have a private jet but won’t reject it if gets one. He explained that a flight can cause efficiency in doing the work of God when it comes to traveling around the world.

“I travel a lot, there are times you are going to Dr Congo, you have to take a flight from here to Togo, or to Kenya and there are times you do transit of 8 hours, when the journey from her to DR Congo is 3 hours. If I have a flight, I would have cut off all those hours” he said during a Joy FM interview.

According to the renowned Ghanaian preacher, men of God who have private jets should not be judged.

“The truth of the matter is, some of the guys who have these planes, let me take in Nigeria, I know Bishop Oyedepo, this is a man who runs 3 universities, his University is ranked the foremost in Nigeria, so if this man owns a plane, what is the big deal?” he quizzed in the video below.

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